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Welcome to nextCIGAR!

We are a seasoned online retailer offering the finest service to the finest premium cigars and cigar accessories. Since 2000, our strong emphasis on product knowledge and customer satisfaction has made nextCIGAR the ideal destination for cigar aficionados around the globe.

As the official online partner of Davidoff of Geneva Asia, brands under the Oettinger Davidoff AG brand portfolio such as Davidoff, AVO Cigars, Camacho, Zino and Zino Platinum are directly supplied by the brands’ official channels ensuring you 100% authenticity and the latest products at the most competitive pricing.

Catering to thousands of cigar lovers around the world,
we strive provide a simple, happy and hassle-free shopping experience.

Our mission is to earn your trust and loyalty through excellent customer service, delivery speed, and cigar authenticity, quality and freshness every time you are looking for your nextCIGAR experience!

How We're Different

100% Genuine

Offering genuine quality cigars and accessories that are supplied directly from Brand's authorized suppliers.

Premium Quality

Stored in our humidified warehouse keeps all our cigars in optimal smoking conditions when we dispatch them - Ready to smoke when you receive them.

Expert Service

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to effectively communicate with our customers to enrich their shopping experience and cigar lifestyle.


We build strong rapport with all our customers, suppliers and cigar community. We are Authorised Online Retailers for Major Brands in Asia.




服務 我們提供完美的客戶服務。為消費者提供一種簡單、輕鬆的購物體驗,而且我們的雪茄專家會隨時幫助您。

選擇 我們銷售各種各樣的雪茄,並且努力為客戶尋找各種各樣罕見和稀奇獨特的雪茄。如果您在這裡沒有找到您需要的雪茄,歡迎隨時與我們聯繫,我們將盡一切可能幫您找到該雪茄。

價值 我們售賣這行業中最優質的雪茄品牌,且極具競爭力價格。最重要的是我們提供100%質量保證的產品 - 真實+可靠。我們將一直為您服務直到您滿意為止。

知識 我們的員工擁有最博學的煙草知識,並會將有關的專業知識傳授給我們的客戶。歡迎您隨時以電子郵件或通過手機聯繫我們,我們非常樂意解答任何與雪茄相關的問題。

速度 我們迅速處理訂單並為您發貨。我們不會讓您等待很長時間。一般來說,於下午一點前(格林尼治時間+8)下單,都可於同一天發貨。

新鮮 我們的首要目標是為您提供最新鮮和最高質量的雪茄。為了維持雪茄品質,任何原裝包裝的雪茄(單根雪茄、樣品包等)都會使用加濕設備打包,從而在運輸過程中保持雪茄的新鮮度。