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Camacho Factory Unleash Toro Fresh Rolled Cigar Bundle

Offering one of the best experiences that bonds aficionados to the legendary DNA of “Where Bold is Born” fully blended with its most famous Corojo tobaccos that Camacho has been aging for over 6 years. Blended with tobaccos from Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Honduras, exquisitely hand rolled without cutting its foot leaving an amazing 5-10 minutes of unique enjoyment without the influence of the Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper.



The shaggy foot symbolising Camacho’s character to push boundaries without compromises, unleashing its full character. Adorned with a white band embossed with contrasting black and silver brand and edition elements.



Sensational beginnings with flavours of cedar, bread, leather and creaminess with an underlying reminiscent of Cuban experience. Roaring with strength and character with enticing notes of paprika, peanut butter and a hint of lemon. Complimented with creamy nuttiness and leather with a dominant white pepper flavour. A sweet yet spicy finish with lingering notes of peaches, saltiness, earth and pepper spice.