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모든 주문에 대해 무료 배송

아래의 엄선된 휴미더를 구매하면 최대 100개의 무료 시가를 즐기실수 있습니다!

엄선된 쿠바 시가 구매 시 무료 다비도프 프레스티지 세트

US$600 이상 주문 시 다비도프 재떨이 무료증정

모든 주문에 대해 무료 배송

아래의 엄선된 휴미더를 구매하면 최대 100개의 무료 시가를 즐기실수 있습니다!

엄선된 쿠바 시가 구매 시 무료 다비도프 프레스티지 세트

US$600 이상 주문 시 다비도프 재떨이 무료증정

Davidoff Year of the Tiger Limited Edition 2022

다비도프 호랑이의 해 액세서리

The Chinese New Year 2022 marks the Year of the Tiger, a zodiac characterised by its strength, energy, and determination. Powerful and dynamic with senses sharpened by their awareness of their surroundings. Davidoff celebrates this vibrant Chinese New Year with the 10th annual release of the «Year of» series with the most premium handcrafted cigar accessories.


Celebrating the «Year of the Tiger» with an exclusive and contemporary Masterpiece, a collaborative piece between two unique artists. The remarkable artwork was designed by Chinese artist Qi Xie, and hand decorated with delicate marquetry by Rose Saneuil in France.

The unique artwork illustrates two tigers that overlap and intertwine with each other yet differentiates the two with creative and bold colours. The green tiger roars and reveals strength and ambition through his eyes while the red tiger crawls through the jungle, observing his surroundings ready to pounce. An almost abstract piece, offering room for imagination. 


Davidoff Year of the Tiger closeupDavidoff Year of the Tiger closeup

Qi Xie

“The artwork «Year of the Tiger» is a multi-directional, multi-dimensional, super imposed and imaginary visual representation.” 

Chinese artist who graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, also one of the finalists of the iArt Youth Project 2018, an international art protect established by the Yuan Art Musem, one of the well-known museums in Chongqing, China. Qi Xie was known for his unique and creative application of conceptual visuals in contemporary pop art culture, where his pieces can be interpreted in more than one way.

Rose Saneuil 

“Made of nearly thousand pieces, this outstanding Masterpiece is the most complex and complicated piece of art I have ever created.”  

A French artist known for her unique marquetry skills, blending carefully curated materials. Her technique enables her to blend materials with different textures, depth, and suppleness, the only artist who has mastered this unique expertise. Her dedication, passion and talent are acknowledged by world prestigious brands through numerous collaborations.  



The jungle that shelters the two tigers is reflected through various materials including tiger wood, tobacco leaves, Atlantic Jarrah wood, tulip tree and straw. Utilising these natural materials links both the craftsmanship of cigar making and art of marquetry. 

The Atlantic jarrah wood used on the outside of the composition, are representative of the red soil of the tobacco leaf plantations. 

The red tiger wears red leather and vibrant red tulip wood, giving him power and strength. While the green tiger is expressed through a combination of green tulip tree wood and myrtle burl.


• Equipped with three Davidoff regulators guaranteeing stable humidification between 70 – 72%
• Contains a removable basket engraved with the majestic tiger
• Outside wood: Tiger wood
• Inside wood: Mahogany
•Dimensions: 555 x 360 x 158mm
• Made by the luxury craft company Moevus in France
• Lifetime structure guarantee
• Engraved with both artists, Qi Xie and Rose Saneuil logo


Blended by Davidoff’s Master Blender made exclusively for this Masterpiece. Dressed in a beautiful Connecticut wrapper leaf, carefully pressed for 48 hours, and aged naturally to represent fur-like markings like the Tiger itself.

Each humidor is accompanied by 88 toro cigars, carefully housed in this beautiful masterpiece, on a cigar tray engraved with the Tiger symbol. 88 symbolising fortune and good luck in the Chinese culture.

Encased with bright notes of pepper and cedar wood. Complimented with intense creaminess throughout the cigar and laced with flavours of cacao, leather, and roasted nuts. A surprising, honeyed finish, true to the nature of the tiger.  


Format: Toro
Size: 6” x 56 RG
Intensity: 3/5
Enjoyment Time: 60mins

A numbered limited edition of 24 boxes worldwide 

Davidoff Year of the Tiger
Pipe Tobacco Limited Edition 2022

Inspired by the Chinese Zodiac of the Tiger, the limited Pipe Tobacco is an exotic blend with Asian influenced, including tobaccos from China, India, Malawi and Cyprus.
Placed in a vibrant and red lacquered tin, the Latakia tobacco provides a deep complexity and intense flavor, balanced by taste of sweetness comes from Virginia and Burley tobaccos. Combine with a special twist of Musk aroma. A complex and pleasant smoke for your enjoyment. 


DAvidoff Year of the tiger Limited Edition accessories


• Protects cigars and keeps them humidified for up to 10 days
• Handcrafted in Spain with the finest cowhide leather
• Laser engraved «Year of the Tiger» pattern on red coloured leather
• Accommodates two cigars up to RG 60 and
  maximum length 8 1⁄4" (21 cm)
• Limited and numbered edition of 450 pieces worldwide
• Size: 16 x 6.2 x 3.3 cm, adjustable in length

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• Crafted by experienced French craftsmen with high-quality porcelain
• Classic rectangular ashtray design equipped with two notches
• Laser printed «Year of the Tiger» pattern in golden accents
• Limited and numbered edition of 600 pieces worldwide
• Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 3.3 cm

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