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Vintage Cigars: Why You Should Try Them

It's almost impulsive for many aficionados to instantly check the date stamped to their newly purchased Habanos – the most knowledgeable will know how that the date will affect the flavour and aroma of their Cuban cigars, much like the art of ageing fine wines.


What Makes A Vintage Cigar? 

Now, with a small amount of information from an even smaller number of specialists, the term vintage cigar is loosely defined. Whilst some aficionados see 5 years ageing as the perfect amount of time, others consider 10 years to be better. There are so many different perceptions, as it all comes down to personal preference. In this case, vintage doesn’t mean it’s a one-off, classic item. But, it’s more about the quality and rarity of the cigar. In the past there had been no culture of ageing cigars in Cuba. However, there has been a growing interest in the matter as of late. The Habanos limited edition cigars use tobacco leaves that are now aged for a minimum of 2 years, so you can see that they are exploring the concept of ageing cigars. But that is not to say that ageing tobacco is the same as ageing the whole cigar.

Smoking aged Havanas are enjoyed amongst those with an acquired taste. You will notice a completely different flavour between the aged cigar and the recent equivalent version. Over the first 1-3 years of the ageing process, the nicotine will mellow down and naturally fade away. Although there may be less strength, it preserves the main characteristics of the cigar. Allowing the blend to show its full potential. Slowing down the maturing process is vital for successful ageing, lower temperature and humidity levels allow this to happen. Provided you have these right conditions; you would even be able to build your own collection of aged Habanos. Keep them in a top of the range humidor and your good to go!


Why Try Vintage Cigars?

Try a vintage cigar and you will uncover a whole new experience. As we mentioned, the ageing of Habanos is centred all around quality and rarity. With many of them being rare finds, each time you will find yourself in a new and unique experience. Not to mention, finding these rare beauties can be a challenge, but who doesn’t love a chase? Once you finally find what you are looking for, it makes the smoking experience that much more rewarding. You can also look at vintage cigars as somewhat of an investment. Many cigar connoisseurs will buy two boxes of aged Habanos, one for themselves and one to sell. It is most definitely worth splashing the cash on vintage Cuban cigars online.


Best Way To Experience Vintage Cigars

Many aficionados agree that the best way to smoke an aged cigar, is by blowing the smoke through your nose. It helps you grasp an idea of what the flavours are like and the type of tobacco was grown in that time period. It is also a great match for those who appreciate pairing a good cigar with their meal. Aged tobacco has proven to be a great first course for many aficionados.


Vintage Cigars You Need To Try

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