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Spring Menu - 3-course Cigar Pairing Idea

Spring! Season to enjoy exotic fruits and food. While we are all restricted at home during pandemics, why not becoming the chef of your own! 

We have designed a 3-course meal with seasonal food for you to pair with cigars. Roll up your sleeves and serve you and your family a lovely evening. Bon appétit

Spring Menu

Charcuterie Board Davidoff Aniversario Short Perfecto

A cheese & ham board would be perfect for sharing with your cigar buddies as small bites to start the meal. Go with a light and creamy cigar to prevent dulling your palate. Davidoff Aniversario Short Perfecto is a perfect short enjoyment for you and your buddies. Also, an excellent appetiser to start your fabulous meal. 


Roasted duck breast with plum sauceOliva Flor De Oliva Maduro Torpedo

Spring is the season for plum. Sweet and savoury fruit to pair well with greasy duck breast. With underlying notes of leather and earthiness, Oliva is the full-bodied luxurious smoke to enjoy during dinner.

Opera CakeLa Gloria Cubana Serie D No.5 Edición Regional España 2017

Some people think dessert doesn’t go well with the smokiness of a cigar. Pick the combination carefully would help put a perfect end to the whole meal. The opera cake’s nutty and dark chocolate aroma could help cleanse your taste buds apart from the main dish. La Gloria Cubana has an array of enticing aromas of cocoa nibs, coffee beans, earth, and cinnamon. Pair with espresso for an extra lifting of the coffee aroma.

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