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Special Guest Picks by Davidoff Asia Business & Marketing Director Mr. Vinson Zhang

Vinson Zhang
Vinson Zhang Special Guest Picks


Vinson Zhang

What do you look for in a cigar? What attracts you?

BALANCE is always the key when I look for a cigar. Balance as the cigar changes over the time after lighting it up, and you clearly taste the difference in the first, second and the last part of a cigar. Finding different taste, aroma and elements from different cigars always excites me in my cigar journey. Taste the wider world!

Vinson Zhang

When do you enjoy smoking the most?

I always go with occasions when it comes to cigar enjoyment. To me, key is to pick a right cigar for the right occasion. i.e., a cigar that has refreshing elements to open the night with cocktail and good friends, or a rich and complex cigar to finish the night with whisky by yourself.

Vinson Zhang

What makes Davidoff stand out among New World cigars?

Good quality is always the impression that Davidoff has from cigar aficionados. To me, quality is driven by our pursuit and persistence in the ‘Crop to Shop’ philosophy, which we have been doing for more than 50 years.

Davidoff Dominican Republic Aging barn (Source: Davidoff of Geneva)
Davidoff Dominican Republic Aging barn (Source: Davidoff of Geneva)

In addition, at Davidoff, we take 50% extra on growing process and time to make sure our tobacco leaves have the best and consistent quality.  As a result, you will enjoy the same quality and taste, no matter where and when you pick up a Davidoff cigar across the world. 

 Davidoff Dominican Republic Tobacco Fields (Source: Davidoff of Geneva)  Davidoff Dominican Republic Tobacco Fields (Source: Davidoff of Geneva) 

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