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Sake & Cigar pairing recommendation

Sake, a traditional rice wine origin from Japan.  Sake and Cigar is an interesting pairing, two products coming from poles apart cultures and countries. And yet with the perfect combination, they could bring out the beauty from each other.  For sake, we are still going for that simple rule for all cigar & beverage pairings: “Light body cigar goes with light flavor beverage, vice versa.”. Below are some delightful pairings we specially curated for you. 

#1 Kijoshu (騎乗酒) Davidoff Exclusive Travel Retail Japan 2021

A sweet and luscious dessert sake, originally produced as an alternative to French dessert wines in banquets. With the complex flavor of fruits and nuts, a chilled glass of Kijoshu would bring out the underlying sweetness of the cigar.

#2 Taruzeme Sake (Taru) (菊正宗) x Saint Luis Rey Pacificos Edición Regional Asia Pacífico 2009

Taru is a well-known sake with a hint of cedar aroma. Aged and served in the wooden casks, a common beverage selected for special events such as New Year or National Foundation Day. Best served chilled. Pairing with an intense and peppery cigar could help clean your taste buds while not overriding the strong aroma brought by each other. 

#3 Koshu (Aged Sake) x Montecristo Joyitas 

Unlike usual sake, Koshu is a bit darker and more mellow with the aging process. Leave it enchased with notes of earthy and bitterness. A sophisticated beverage with character and depth, best pairing with a cigar with the identical features, Montecristo Joyitas. The robust and spiciness of the cigar will be optimized by Koshu effortlessly.

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