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Quick Tips for Winterising Your Humidor

Having trouble keeping up the humidity level in your humidor during winter? This is because, during this season, the relative humidity drops. Cigars should be stored at room temperature (about 21 to 27 degree Celsius) with a humidity level of 68 to 72 percent. Sometimes, it is difficult to maintain a constant level of humidity inside the humidor, especially when seasons change. The humidity level inside your house. As well as other conditions, will affect the performance and operation of your humidor’s humidification system. And, if humidors are not prepared for winter, you could end up with dry and shrivelled cigars, even when they had been stored in the humidors. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to winterise your humidor.

Davidoff Humidor
During the winter season, one of the perfect ways to ensure that your humidor has adequate humidity is by the use of beads (humidity beads). All you need to do is just purchase one of those jars containing crystallised beads and put it inside your humidor. The beads will help humidify the insides of your humidor, thus keeping your cigars at the right humidity. If you notice that the beads are shrinking, you may add some distilled water to fill the jar.

You can also add Boveda Humidity packs to your humidor to increase the speed in which your humidor regulates back to ideal humidity. Great for when you have to open the humidor a few times a day.


Another way to recharge your humidor in the winter months is by adding distilled water to your humidor device. This will help add humidity to the device for a period of time. (Note: Never add tap water)

For those who own glass humidors, ensure that you do not store them near cooling or heating vents. The change in temperatures may make it hard for them to maintain the relative humidity levels.


Electronic humidors handle seasons better than the passive ones. However, this does not mean that they are not affected by winter. With these kinds of humidors, you will need to turn up their settings.

Finally, during this cold season, when getting your cigar into or out of the humidor, do not leave the lid open for long. Just place or take out your cigar without wasting time and close the humidor. This will prevent moisture from escaping from the humidor.

Cigar in snow
Taking these control measures during the winter season is the perfect way to ensure that your cigars are well protected, even with the change in relative humidity. Do not take anything to chance. And remember, cigars are an expensive investment and as such should be accorded the proper care that they deserve.

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