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Enjoy FREE Shipping on all orders!

Enjoy FREE Shipping on all orders!

Picking spirits for your cigars? nextCIGAR is always here for you.

The Spirits Selection is now LIVE! Providing some of the rarest and finest selection you could never imagine, a wonderland for all of you, the true collectors. Now just one stop away from both premium cigars & spirits.

Picking spirits for your cigars? nextCIGAR is always here for you.

Pairing #1


Caroni 21 Years 1997 Davidoff of Geneva Exclusive Trinidad Rum X Davidoff 702 Series Aniversario Special R

An extremely sought-after, vintage rare rum from the renowned Caroni Distillery in Trinidad. Closed in 2002, making this, one of the last Caroni rums available. Limited to 250 bottles worldwide. 

Fine structure with woody and tannic, a fruity touch that opens up to golden syrup and charred molasses with a slight salinity. Pair magically with Davidoff 702 Special R, a smooth and creamy cigar delighted with woody and citrus flavor. 

Pairing #2

Audry Très Ancienne Réserve Aristide Cognac X Romeo y Julieta Churchills Añejados (Tubos) (2009 Vintage)

Crafted with tiny lots of single-origin vintages at least 60 years old and bottled at cask strength with no added sugar or reduced with water, undergoing a natural reduction process by extremely slow evaporation. Très Ancienne shows a surprisingly velvety texture with nutmeg, sweet spices, and marzipan. Finish with notes of honey and violets.

The cigars have been aged for at least 10 years before release. These Churchill are gems waiting to be discovered. The sweet complexity blend manifests in robusto flavours and aromas with layers of cocoa, coffee, hazelnut, and spices. The sweetness of each brings out the complex flavours without overriding by another one.

Pairing #3

Macallan 28 Years Old 1990 Davidoff of Geneva Exclusive (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) X Davidoff Oro Blanco

An innovative collaboration between The Boutique-y Whisky Company and Davidoff of Geneva, wrapped with Boutique-y Whisky Company’s characteristically whimsical labels: A scene from tobacco farms, highlighting the Davidoff’s philosophy of ‘Crop to Shop’ that has formed the backbone for the finest cigars in the world. The whisky has been aged in the Sherry casks for 28 years and produced a limited number of 292 bottles, available exclusively in Asia.

Consists one of the rarest tobacco aged over 12 years, Oro Blanco is the most exceptional cigar Davidoff has ever created. The intense richness starts off with the sweet cedar and natural vintage tobacco notes. Developed with pleasant creaminess, revealing the roasted nuts and pepper spiciness. Draw an end to this unforgettable journey with the semisweet floral flavor. This pairing is ideal for celebrating a momentous occasion or being relished at leisure for the rarest moment in life.

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