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Pairing Cigars with Coffee for the Perfect Experience

Cigar and Coffee

Most cigar smokers are pretty set on their favourite brands, it’s almost better to ask which coffees go with your cigars. In reality, any coffee goes well with cigars and vice versa. Tobacco and coffee have tastes that naturally complement one another. If you want to find the perfect match for you, consider the following ideas. Sometimes, one of the best cigar accessories you can have is a French press or an espresso maker.

First, try to match your cigar to your coffee in terms of shade. The mellow flavour of some of the darker wrapper cigars goes well with espresso drinks, provided that they don’t have a lot of milk in them. If you do have a lot of milk in a drink, consider smoking a cigar with a lighter wrapper with that coffee. It will add a sharper taste to the coffee and cigar experience and can make both downright refreshing.

The standard cup of coffee goes with just about any cigar. You can pair them based on what you have on-hand at the moment. Some people like a strong cigar with their morning coffee. The elevated nicotine levels pack a jolt and, combined with the coffee, you’ll be ready and raring to go

If you’re relaxing after dinner, consider a darker coffee to go with your cigars. You’ll still get the jolt from the caffeine, but it’s more subdued. Remember that lighter beans sometimes have more caffeine in them because they aren’t roasted for long.

This can make them excellent for the morning, but a nice French roast is excellent after dinner, particularly if you don’t’ like wine or brandy, the more traditional accompaniments to a fine cigar.  Your cigar will balance out the taste nicely and they both leave a great aftertaste in your mouth.

You can combine virtually any cigar and any coffee. If you have a cheaper cigar, sometimes a cup of coffee will make it taste better because it brings out the better flavours of the coffee. Likewise, a weak cup of coffee can be made more palatable with a cigar accompanying it.

Source: The Art of Pairing Cigars and Coffee by David Sabot


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