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How to Light Your Cigar

Lighting a cigar properly is one of the many essential skills any cigar aficionado must have. In order to light up your first cigar, make sure it is healthy. Any cigar that is healthy should not be spotted, or flaky. 

The type of flame that you are using to light up your cigar is something important to take into consideration. Certain flames many come with different types of chemicals like sulfur, which can be absorbed by the cigar. For this reason, it is best to make sure you know what kind of flame you are using to light up your cigar. 

Flames to avoid would be like benzine lighters, petrol lighters, paper matches, or candles. While butane lighters, torch lighters, wooden flames or any type of odorless flame would be ideal when lighting your cigar. However if chemical inducing flames are your only option, make sure you keep the flame about 1/2 inch from the cigar to reduce as much chemicals from being absorbed by the cigar as possible. 

Now when it comes to lighting the cigar, it is essential that you do not put the flame directly into the cigar. Hold your cigar at a 45 degree angle closely to the cigar. Now you want to start toasting it by turning it slowly as the flame starts to burn around the foot of the cigar. Once it starts to burn without the flame it should be good to go.

Now you can place the cigar between your lips, kick back, and start puffing. Enjoy your cigar!


  • cigar love

    kamg ho sunk
  • I think it varies from Cugar to cigar, and also the verocity of the flame used. My usual style is to burn around the crust of the cigar, then torch the centre of the cigar, followed by putting the cigar in my mouth and using the torch to start my first few puffs. This evenly burns the cigar.

    Zeferino Raymond

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