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How to Clean A Cigar Cutter

If you ever cut a cigar and the blades on your cutter seem stiff or unwilling to expand and contract all the way, your cutter is due for a cleaning. Some people will toss a dirty cutter out because they assume it is dull when it simply needs some cleaning. Regularly sanitizing your cigar cutter improves its performance, eliminates germs, and maximizes its lifespan. Even cheap cutters last a long time when you clean them. Here are a few tips for cleaning a dirty cigar cutter.

What You Need: Q-Tips, Rubbing Alcohol, and a Towel

Dip a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and rub it over the blades of your cutter. Wipe the blades down with a towel. Repeat the process and clean the blades on both sides in the closed and open positions. You will notice an immediate improvement in your cutter’s performance – unless it is dull and needs to be sharpened.

Should You Lubricate the Blades? No.

Sure, it only takes a second to blast the blades with WD-40 or brake cleaner, but you are cleaning something that comes into contact with cigars you put in your mouth. Toxic chemicals never make cigars taste better. Even safer lubricants like vegetable oil can be problematic because they attract debris after they are applied to the blades. Stick with rubbing alcohol.

Avoid Cutting Cigars You’re Already Smoking

We have all experienced the occasional plugged draw. The easiest solution is to cut the cigar a little deeper to open it up. However, if you regularly recut your cigars after you have been smoking them for a while, use a cheap disposable cutter to do the job. The moist end of a cigar that has been in your mouth will transfer unwanted gunk to your cutter’s blades, and it will build up. Save your good cutter for executing the initial cut with precision before the cigar has been in your mouth.

Also, you can cut cigars with the cellophane on, but your cutter will wear out faster. Bits of cellophane can get stuck between the blades and interfere with your cutter’s accuracy. Take the cello off first for the cleanest, sharpest cut.

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