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Cigar 101 – Things you need to know about Box-pressed

The much-adored box-pressed is actually origin from a human mistake. Before the embargo, when Cuba would trade fresh cigar overseas, they would pack the parcel tightly to allow more shipments. The strong pressure from parcels and the cigars caused them evolve to a square shape.  Nowadays, many factories and premium brands such as Davidoff, Partagas will produce their own box-pressed cigars.


Box-pressed VS Parejo Cigar 

Parejo cigar is the most common one we see & smoke every day, with the basic cigar shape where the cigar has straight sides and a rounded head. Good examples would be Robusto, Corona and Churchills.

Some would say the box-pressed cigars give a smoother draw and slower burn. Affected by shape, the box-pressed cigars deliver a stronger and consistent flavor for enjoyment.

Some say the size and shape allows more air with each puff, thus a cooler draw. Nevertheless, box-pressed is much appreciated by worldwide connoisseurs.  


The Process

How is box-pressed cigar made? Just like its name, the fresh rolled Parejo cigar is placed in box and being pressured until it adopts to the ideal shapes. Meanwhile torcedor needs to be extra careful on the delicate tobacco leaves while leaving pressure on the cigars. Requires tremendous amount of time, attention and effort to avoid the cigars getting split from over-pressured.

Comes in Different Shapes

Not just limited to square, the box-pressed cigar can come in various of shapes. The unique pressing format and premium quality has made those cigars highly sought-after. Below are some special box-pressed you shouldn’t miss:

Plasencia Alma Fuerte Sixto I Hexagono

88 points, Cigar Insider

88 points, Cigar Aficionado

Nicaraguan long-fillers wrapped in a beautiful, oily Jalapa wrapper. A unique blend and pressing format, extraordinary smoke features a six-sided cigar that resembles a honeycomb.

Alec Bradley Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut

91 points, Cigar Insider 

A limited-edition Nico Puro cigar launched in 2014 handcrafted in a diamond shaped format, where workers apply a unique rolling technique known as the “accordion method” where each leaf is folded in a wavy pattern, reminiscent of an accordion, or a diamond.

Davidoff Nicaragua Box-Pressed Toro

97 points, Cigar Journal

Hand rolled with a rich, intense Nicaraguan Oscuro wrapper. This dynamic box pressed format with its smooth draw result in a truly complex bittersweet palate stimulation. 


Serving a box-pressed 

Different from Parejo cigar, here are some points need to be careful for when you are serving a box-pressed:

  1. Remember to use your cigar scissors or punch cutter to cut your box-pressed cigar, as some double blade cigar cutters may not fit the distinctive size of the box-pressed cigar.
  2. In order to light the sharp corners of the box-pressed, turn the cigar in 25% increments as you take your first draws. This way, one side or corner is less likely to canoe or burn unevenly.
  3. Avoid chomping down on the end that’s in your mouth. You can crimp the draw and provoke an uneven burn. Due to the corners on a box-pressed cigar, an unwanted uneven burn will be more dramatic if you bite down on the end that’s in your mouth.

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