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Cigar 101 - Saving your cigars from bugs

Notice tiny pinholes in your cigar’s wrapper? That is a sign of a beetle attack on your precious cigars. Do not panic and throw these cigars away as they can still be saved from beetle damage. Read on to understand the best way to get rid of these bugs.

1. Freeze them!

Grab a Ziploc bag and place all the cigars inside, including those that look undamaged, as there is a risk of cross-contamination between cigars. But, again, it is crucial to act quickly before the bugs affect your entire stock.

Place the bag into the freezer for three days. By this point, the bugs will have been successfully culled. Afterwards, move the bag into the refrigerator for one day and gradually place them back into a cleaned humidor. This process prevents cigar wrappers from cracking due to sudden temperature changes.

2. Clean and check your humidor.

Remember to clean your humidor thoroughly before placing your cigars back in. Use a damp cloth without any disinfectant to wipe down the humidor. Make sure there are no toxic chemicals that will leave a scent or residue that will affect the taste and look of the cigars.

Also, remember to check that the thermometer and hygrometer are correctly working. Cigars can often host beetle eggs but only hatch in an exceedingly warm and humid climate. Therefore, we suggest that the temperature inside your humidor does not exceed 70°F / 21°C and that the humidity consistently remains between 65% - 72%.

3. Don’t have a humidor yet? Get one now!

If your cigars were not placed in a properly maintained humidor in the first place, it might be one of the main reasons your cigars suffered from a beetle attack. A tightly-sealed and properly functioning humidor is designed to protect your delicate cigars from exterior damage, which will minimise the risk of outbreak and extend the lifespan of your cigars. In addition, a well-designed humidor is the best home for your cigars for the decades to come, and investing in a high-quality one ensures that your premium handcrafted cigars are stored in a home worthy of them.

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